Monday, April 30, 2012

Mothers Day

Mothers Day
Mothers Day,
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Spoil Mum this mothers day and get her something beautiful and unique from Inside Morocco!

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vaild until 13 May 2012

Clive and Katrina


Clive and Katrina, a set on Flickr.

Inside Morocco recently decorated the wedding of Clive and Katrina at Carclew in North Adelaide. What a beautiful couple and amazing venue! Have a look at some of the photos taken on the day.

Inside Morocco can theme your next event! Send us an email or visit in store for more details.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Long Lunch

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This years Long Lunch at the Norwood Food and Wine festival looked just amazing! Inside Morocco can theme your next event, simply send us an email or pop into our store! Click for more images of the Norwood Food and Wine Festivals Long Lunch

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Container Stock Unwrapped!

Black and White Fes Ceramics 1
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Click on this photo to view some of our exciting new stock direct from Morocco. Like these Black and White Fes Ceramics, unique and exclusive to Inside Morocco!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Long Anticipated Container 09 has Arrived!!


Yes, it's here! We are having an exciting time unpacking and re-acquainting ourselves with our many purchases. As you can see we also have our new stock of Moroccan cooking tajines which are available for purchase now!

Click on the image to access more photos on Flickr.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

2009 Festival of Moroccan Events

Come Inside Morocco for a week of events 
that will excite and stimulate!

Lazy Afternoon – Sunday 23rd August, 1 - 5pm
Join Janet Belchamber, co proprietor of Inside Morocco and enjoy a lazy afternoon in our newly
created ‘royal tent’, a new exotic space we’ve created to show off luxurious Moroccan furnishings
available for hire. We will be offering newspapers, Moroccan pastries and mint tea. For the kids
we will have face painting and balloons. Our Interior Designer, Sarah Gamtcheff, will also be on
hand to help with any queries you may have about finding a spot for that perfect exotic piece!

Free Gifts – Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th, 10 - 5pm
Any transaction in-store will be rewarded with a complimentary hand painted
tiny tajine or carved timber kohl bottle.

Late Night Shopping – Thursday 27th, 5 - 9pm
Try late night ‘shopping and champagne’ . We’ll be showcasing the Moroccan styled events we
have participated in and some lucky customers will receive door prizes.

Movie Night – Friday 28th from 7pm
We’ll be showing “Babel”, set in Morocco and starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, in our ‘royal
tent’. For a decadent experience we will be serving authentic mint tea and a selection of platters
during the movie. Places are limited for this evening at $20 per person. BYO.
Please contact us on 8132 1414 to RSVP.

Food and Festivities – Saturday 29th, 12 - 2pm
Sample delicious Moroccan food by Mohamed Bartaouch of Marrakech Restaurant,
66 King William Road, Hyde Park. We will also have Kleo the Gypsy Fortune Teller giving readings
and Vanessa from Velvet Henna will offer henna painting from 3 - 5pm. We will be showing
“Babel” from 7pm. Places are limited at $20 per person. BYO. Call 8132 1414 to RSVP.

Moroccan Travel Seminar – Sunday 30th August, 2pm
We’ll wind up with a travel seminar by Kerrie Buivydas, co-proprietor of Inside Morocco.
Kerrie’s knowledge of Morocco is extensive, having lived and worked near Ifrane for two years.
She’ll give an insight into experiencing the many facets of The Western Kingdom.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moroccan Mirrors

Click on this picture to view the wide range of mirrors available. Call us in store to discuss what is in stock or order a custom piece to be delivered on our next container!

Moroccan Furniture and Interiors

Click on this image to view some inspirational moroccan furniture and interiors and think about how they could be applied to your home.

Remember many moroccan pieces are highly decorative and therefore can also be used as stand alone 'works of art' in any modern interior.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kerrie and John in Morocco in January 2009.

Kerrie and John visited Morocco on the latest buying trip. The highlight was John asking Kerrie to marry him! Of course, she said yes. To see more pictures of the trip click on this photo to go to the flickr photoset!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Zelij Tables

Assorted pics 3 171
Tables inlaid with zelij mosaics have always been popular in our store. They come in a range of sizes, patterns and colours to suit any room or outdoor area. Click on the photo to see a Flickr photo album that displays some of the many options available for order.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Library of Moroccan Water Fountains

Kerrie's pics Feb 2007 no2 072

We have had many enquiries about what fountain types and colour combinations are available. Click on the photo to go to our Flickr library of photos taken during our Moroccan buying trips. If you would like further details of anything here please contact us in store on 08 8132 1414.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Latest Buying Trip

Inside Morocco co-proprietor Janet Belchamber has returned from our most recent Moroccan buying trip. On her travels she visited Fez, Midelt, the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert, Ouzarzate, Marrakech and Essaouira. Below are some highlights of her trip and sneak peeks at the exciting new homewares Inside Morocco are expecting in early March 2009. Contact us if you would like to go on our mailing list, be notified of the container arrival and invited to our 'Preview Party'!

Fez Medina

A souk which is also a covered market in Fez. Of special interest to Inside Morocco is raffia basketware, these hand woven products have proven themselves to be versatile, hardwearing and have recently become very fashionable. In addition to our current stock of various tote style shopping bags and placemats, we have large tajine shaped bread baskets arriving by air any day. Look out in store or ask to be added to our mailing list for regular updates of events, sales and new arrivals!

Feature Lighting at Riad Dar D'mana

Janet particularly adored this fretwork and frosted glass pendant in the Riad Dar D'mana it's one of a selection that illuminate the accommodation communal areas. Note the stunning cutwork plaster detail that frames the cedar doors beyond.

Riad Dar D'mana, Fez

This view shows the walkway surrounding the once outdoor courtyard. Note the intricate hand painted timber work and delicate carving on the balustrades.  

Janet rated this accommodation very highly (you can see her complete review on or contact Inside Morocco for details of our personalised travel itinerary service based on our extensive knowledge of accommodation and travel in all areas of Morocco. 

Painted Furniture in Riad Dar D'mana

Riad Dar D'mana features some exquisite painted timber furniture within the accommodation areas. This view shows one of a pair of bedside tables.

Remember Inside Morocco can source custom furniture to your requirements in your preferred colourway. Contact us in store for details!

Fez at Dusk

Ousted, our own dedicated Moroccan buyer took Janet up onto a local school roof in Bab'f 'touch for this fantastic view of Fez at dusk.

Dar Batha Museum, Place Du Batha, Fez

The Dar Batha Museum is a hispano-moorish palace which dates back to the 19th century. It is open to tourists and offers an extensive history of art in Fez. This impressive walkway with a stunning painted timber ceiling surrounds a vast outdoor courtyard featuring beautiful zelij fountains and narrow pathways...

Serghini Pottery, Fez

One of Inside Morocco's many suppliers who always offer a wide range of innovative high quality handmade pottery. Look out in store our new black and white range of Serghini platters, bowls and plates and for samples of our handpicked ranges of plain and patterned ceramic tiles due early March 2009!

Marble Fountain

New to Inside Morocco, the marble detailed fountain in this view, available to order in any type of fountain, the marble allows for the fountain to be constructed in fibreglass making it lighter to transport and install!

Remember Inside Morocco is happy to arrange purchase and shipping of various bespoke ceramics and urns. Contact us in store if you would like further details of anything that you have seen in this blog!


This view shows a small part of our djellebah suppliers range! Djellebahs are perfect for brides who want a touch of the exotic or to be unique. Djellebahs also make striking ball and special occasion attire. Inside Morocco can arrange purchase and delivery of your djellabah in a wide range of styles and colours custom fitted to your measurements. Call in store for details!

Tannery, Fez

This is a view of the dyeing vats of one of Inside Morocco's leather and wool suppliers. These dyes use natural ingredients to produce their highly vivid colour range. After dyeing the leather hides and rugs are laid out in the sun to dry, depending on the weather this can take weeks...

Carpentry Quarter near Bab Guissa, Fez

Donkeys are the main mode of transport for negotiating narrow and winding Moroccan Medina's and Souks. The donkeys shown here are in the carpentry quarter of Bab Guissa laden with building bricks. At Inside Morocco we source many of our mousharabiya products such as mirror frames and architectural screens and arches from this area.

Antique Metalwork

Janet photographed this antique metalwork for sale in the Fez medina, Moroccan metalwork tends to include an array of jewish symbols because of its mainly jewish heritage. This serving ware would likely be used in Morocco for sweets and breads at a special occasion such as a wedding.

Maison Berbere, Midelt

This rug supplier is ideally located in Midelt to source rugs for Inside Morocco from the Middle and High Atlas Mountains. We particularly like the intricate Glaoui style of cut and loop pile carpets. Look out in store for our range of Glaoui, Kilim and silk blend style rugs and wall hangings. Remember our newest selections will be arriving early in March 2009!

Kasbah Timbouctou, Merzouga

Janet also stayed in this high quality, but reasonably priced resort located at the base of the Sahara dunes. It is one of three located around Morocco. It features a pool, hammam, bar and camel treks into the Sahara Desert. The accommodation ranges from a berber tent encampment on the edge of the dunes through to stunning suites. If you would like details of Kasbah Timbouctou contact Inside Morocco and we will be happy to arrange your stay!

New Marble Products

Inside Morocco can now offer quality Moroccan marble products to order including basins, vanities, bench tops, floor tiles and wine racks available in a variety of shades. Colour samples will be arriving in store in early March 2009.

Boulmane Du Dades, Dades Gorge

Janet stayed in accommodation at the Boulmane Du Dades five star resort at the base of the High Atlas Mountains. It features its own pool, hammam, bar and buffet dining and conference facilities. Janet was particularly taken by the architecture and stunning views. If you would like further details of Boulmane Du Dades contact Inside Morocco and we will be happy to arrange your stay!


Janet photographed this lantern by the pool at Boulmane Du Dades. These and all other lighting requirements including wall sconces, pendants and table lamps can be purchased or ordered through Inside Morocco. Visit us in store to view the complete range!

Zelij Design at Boulmane du Dades

Zelij is the name given to a pattern that is made from handmade tiles which are hand chiselled into precise geometric shapes. In Morocco Zelij is most commonly used for decorating fountains, walls, floors and table tops.

The pattern on this zelij table was especially designed for the Boulmane du Dades resort near the Dades Gorge.

Boulmane du Dades

View of the resort conference facility whose design was based on a tent. The pouffees in this view are available to order through Inside Morocco and we have samples in stock now!

Candle Holders

Originally uploaded by sgamtcheff
Janet found this exciting new design of hanging candle holder in the hotel at Boulmane Du Dades. Call in store to see our extensive range of resin, glass and filigree singular and multiple candle holders and look out for our new ranges arriving in early March 2009!

Plaster Moulds

These impressive moulds were handmade in the town of Boulmane Du Dades. We are hoping to source samples and extend our stock to provide an extensive range of architraves, ceiling roses, rails and arches.

We hope you enjoyed these glimpses of our latest buying trip to Morocco. Should you have any further questions about any of the images or information shown here, please contact us in store and look out for our latest container arrival in early March 2009.

The team at Inside Morocco look forward to seeing you!

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Container Just Arrived!

Our latest container of stock recently arrived from Morocco. These pictures show us unloading from pallets out the back of the shop. We have lots of exciting new products, including berber garden pots, stunning kaftans and many unique pottery and ceramic items.  

Be sure to come in and see us soon, as this exciting stock won't last long!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome to the new blog for Inside Morocco, formerly Zelij Moroccan Interiors Adelaide. We'll be adding more soon about the many products that we have available and will keep you up to date with upcoming events.

While we prepare our new website this will serve as our home page!

Don't forget to come and visit us at 149 Magill Road, Stepney;
You can call us on (08) 8132 1414 or email us at